What is This?

This is a way to use peer pressure to the greatest good. This is peer pressure that pushes us to memorize the Bible. Read below about how this ministry began.

A few years ago, a few of my SWAT team buddies and I were talking while we set up the obstacle course for our recurring qualification. We were trying to coordinate our schedules for a Bible Study that we could begin, and soon found it difficult to reconcile all of our crazy shift work schedules. In an effort to solve this problem I began to write out a study weekly, and send it via email. This, of course, wasn’t good enough all by itself, and some friendly accountability was needed. We agreed that each study would have one Bible verse posted by Friday morning, and whoever didn’t know it when called on throughout the week owed 10 push ups on the spot. This is how it began.

A few years have passed since this beginning, and the program has flourished. It is now time to make these studies available to more, and this website is drafted as a means to this end.

I encourage everyone reading this to accept the same rules that have worked for us. Please feel free to extend this program into your organization, or simply among friends as a way to hold each other accountable for memorizing and studying God’s word. The Psalmist writes in 119:11 “I have stored up your word in my heart, that I may not sin against you.” (ESV) These words are just as applicable today as they were when written.

The rules for this challenge are as follows:

1. Any participant may call out any other participant to recite this verse from memory starting at 0800 Friday morning.

2. The verse may be stated in any published translation.

3. If the participant can’t cite the verse from memory within 10 seconds they must complete 10 push ups.

4. The participant asked, if they don’t know the verse, will have a 5 minute grace period in which they may not be asked again starting from the original time of asking.

Take the first step and subscribe to the email list at the top right of the page or below this on the mobile site. Next, find some friends who will hold you accountable! 

Proverbs 27:14 – “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” (ESV)

God Bless,

2 thoughts on “What is This?”

  1. Thank you Marc for allowing me to share with you! Anytime you would like, I am available to you through my Masters Service! It would be my Tribute and Honor to my Master, Lord Jesus Christ, by assisting you with this Blessed Ministry in whatever way you ask!

    May GOD continue shine HIS Countenance upon you and to share HIS Loving Grace with you! And may HIS Son, our Lord Jesus Christ cover you always with HIS redeeming Blood and to pour copias amounts of HIS Living Waters into your life! Amen, Amen and Amen
    So shall it be!


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